Reimbursement Assessments

Looking for insight to guide your medtech business decisions? Gain perspective by examining the landscape surrounding your medical technology.

Reimbursement Assessment

Why a Reimbursement Assessment Matters

Do you know where your new drug, device or biologic fits into today’s ever-changing reimbursement ecosystem? If not, then your business strategy is at risk. An assessment is a smart way to sharpen your focus.

Expose Critical Issues and Opportunities

Some situations require a broad environmental survey. Others need a narrowly defined reality check. Regardless, your best bet for business success is a credible reimbursement outlook. And your best source for credible assessments is JR Associates.

Because we’re industry veterans, you can count on us to…

• Investigate the right sources for key facts and data
• Interpret information accurately
• Recognize important implications and
• Translate findings into actionable recommendations

A Custom Approach, Based on Common Elements

Assessments aren’t a one-size-fits-all process. Each analysis has its own goals, scope and requirements. But every evaluation builds on common elements:

Reimbursement Assessment Components

• Coverage, coding and payment standards
• Provider profiles — appropriate medical specialties and sites-of-service
• Payer profiles — public and private insurance mix
• Regulatory constraints
• Healthcare economics
• Comparable medical technologies
• Competitive conditions
• Potential market size and growth trends

No Time Like the Present

The sooner you embrace a viable reimbursement worldview, the stronger your device or drug offering will be. It’s never too early to start. And fortunately, it’s also never too late to recalibrate. We’re prepared to add value at any stage in your product’s lifecycle, no matter what challenges you face.

So, when you’re ready to take a closer look — ask us what a reimbursement assessment can do for you.
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