Build awareness of key issues surrounding medical technology reimbursement. Host lively educational sessions that explore relevant topics and illustrate best practices.

Presentations Reimbursement

Enlighten Internal And External Stakeholders

If you’ve launched a medical technology product, you know reimbursement can be the biggest obstacle to commercial success. Often, the problem starts with lack of insight regarding:

• Basic reimbursement fundamentals, and/or
• Your product’s specific coding, coverage and payment requirements

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Bridge the information gap in an effective and entertaining way, with comprehensive reimbursement presentation services from JR Associates.

Concepts + Preparation + Delivery = Full Presentation Support

Choose the level of service that fits your needs:

1) Concepts: Get Ideas With Real-World Value
Tap into our consultants for a compelling storyline that supports your unique business goals and appeals to your target audience:

Potential Investors: Build the case for long-term business viability and market momentum.

Sales Teams: Prepare representatives for product introductions, and provide game-changing post-launch guidance.

Medical Practitioners & Administrators: Offer “Reimbursement 101” training that underscores the connection between clinical best practices and payment.

Manufacturer Staff: Help corporate executives, marketing and business development professionals, reimbursement managers and regulatory specialists recognize and address the challenges their companies face in securing reimbursement.

2) Preparation: Behind-the-Scenes Speaker Support
If your executives are headliners, we’ll boost their credibility. Look to us for content or coaching to illuminate your reimbursement topic and make the most of every venue.

3) Delivery: Let Us Speak on Your Behalf
Our president, Judy Rosenbloom, has long been recognized as an industry authority who brings real-world meaning and practicality to complex, abstract reimbursement concepts. She and our other consultants speak frequently at forums in the U.S. and abroad. (See our scheduled and past appearances at industry events).


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