U.S. Market Entry

Establish a foothold in the American market — right from the start. Win favorable payment decisions for medical technology by optimizing your launch strategy for U.S. reimbursement.

US Market Entry - Medical Reimbursement

Gain Reimbursement While Expanding Your Reach

One reimbursement strategy does not fit all markets. That’s especially true when comparing the U.S. healthcare ecosystem with other countries. Our complex, multi-payer environment often seems too confusing and costly for foreign-based companies to penetrate.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Advice You Can Trust

With JR Associates, you’ll find a clear path to coverage, coding and payment — the three device business “must haves” that drive U.S. capital investment and market adoption.

We specialize in device reimbursement for U.S. companies. But we’re also leaders in helping international device manufacturers translate reimbursement requirements into viable launch plans for the U.S. environment.

What to Expect

The process is similar to domestic launch planning. However, there are two sides to every international reimbursement equation. We’ll respect your native healthcare and medtech industry infrastructure, while continuously looking for positioning leverage to satisfy U.S. reimbursement goals.

Key Planning Steps

• Analyze reimbursement potential for your medical technology
• Anticipate challenges to favorable coverage, coding and payment
• Apply best-practice reimbursement principles to strengthen your business model
• Justify the value of your technology, and use this insight to inform your pricing model
• Gather and analyze evidence to reinforce your case and influence policy decisions

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