Coding & Coverage Analysis

Remove the guesswork from your reimbursement strategy. Unlock the critical coding and coverage combination that best serves your device technology.

Coding and Coverage Analysis

Is Your Strategy Built on a Solid Foundation?

When developing new and improved products, medical technology innovators often make erroneous assumptions:

• A code = reimbursement
• A new or modified code = higher payment
• Codes are easily modified to accommodate device innovation
• If needed, a new code is easy to obtain, once you gain FDA approval

Although this sounds reasonable, the logic is flawed. It casts codes in a very simplistic light. Also, it ignores the need for coverage. But coverage is a key to payment — and a primary reason why codes are so difficult to obtain.

Choose logic that leads to positive outcomes

Let JR Associates analyze your coding and coverage scheme. We’ll carefully evaluate your situation. Then we’ll suggest ways to succeed with the status quo — or we’ll help define new standards that work in your favor.

Medical reimbursement coding and coverage analysis

To our consultants, codes are more than a concept. In fact, coding best practices are in our DNA. For years, we literally “wrote the book” on correct coding practices for ultrasound reimbursement, as publishers of popular Coding Reference Guides that linked ICD diagnosis codes with CPT procedure codes.

That history — combined with our first-hand experience in business and clinical environments — adds uncommon depth and dimension to every coding and coverage analysis we deliver.

Find out how informed analysis can reinforce your reimbursement strategy…
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