Business Plan Integration

Connect the dots between your medical technology, your business model, and reimbursement. We’ll help uncover the most viable approach — and identify ways to gain or sustain competitive advantage.

Business Plan Integration Reimbursement

Find the “Best Fit” Reimbursement Scenario for Your Goals

Many medical innovation business models seem viable enough in theory. But when concept becomes reality, reimbursement falls short of the mark.

Sample Scenario:

• A promising new implantable device is in your development pipeline.
• You expect Medicare and private insurers to cover your device and the related medical procedure.
• Is that too optimistic?
• How can you verify your assumptions?

You need reliable intelligence. This is where our experience becomes your advantage. We understand the regulatory environment. We’ve built trusted relationships across the industry. And our insights are grounded in years of clinical know-how.

Dig Deep for Better Business Results

Whether you want to validate a new offering or retool an existing plan, we’ll work closely with you to examine and resolve core challenges.

Where We Take a Closer Look

• What’s your exit strategy — and what role does reimbursement play?
• What’s your selling proposition — is it defensible with the reimbursement landscape?
• What’s your pricing scheme — is it realistic?
• How does your product improve health outcomes?
• How are comparable treatments reimbursed?
• Should you reposition your product to strengthen its reimbursement potential?
• What could you do to better align your device with regulations or clinical practices?

As we address these issues, you’ll gain a more realistic view of cost/benefit tradeoffs. Ultimately, we’ll build a rationale that maximizes your return on investment.

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