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We’re here because we’re dedicated to advancing medical technology in the marketplace. Indeed, we’re honored to be part of that process.

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Four Defining Principles Guide our Reimbursement Practice…

1) There’s No Substitute for Experience
It’s the difference between creeping down an unfamiliar road on a dark, foggy night, and speeding home along the same route the next day. If you’ve been there before, you’ll anticipate what lies ahead. And so it is with our consultants. Good judgmentbased on first-hand experience – is our most powerful asset.

2) We Never Stop Asking “Why?”
Continuous inquiry leads to continuous improvement. And unless we rigorously examine our clients’ circumstances, why should they trust our recommendations?

3) Clients Really Do Come First
Many service firms promise this – yet few deliver. But because client interests drive our actions, we stand apart from the rest. Above all, we believe that your time and budget deserve to be respected as if they’re our own.

4) Integrity Rules
It’s not enough to do things right – it’s also important to do the right thing. Above all else, we aim to think responsibly and act accountably.

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