Reimbursement Management

When it’s time to put your reimbursement plans in motion, why settle for less than flawless execution? Let industry veterans keep your roadmap ahead of the curve.
Reimbursement Management

Beyond the Launch — Making Reimbursement a Reality

For drug and device technology, the road to product introduction can be long and difficult. But the launch is only the beginning — especially if reimbursement isn’t yet in place.

Who will align your coverage, coding and payment mix, so revenues can be realized?
Who will continue to optimize these elements in an ever-changing healthcare environment?

With so many moving parts in the reimbursement mix, no device company can afford to fly on autopilot. If you don’t have time or expertise to orchestrate reimbursement activities, consider JR Associates.

Put Your Plans in Expert Hands

Our consultants are highly skilled reimbursement managers. Our fingers are on the pulse of the latest issues and opportunities affecting medtech manufacturers. And our services blend strategies and tactics into single one-stop solutions.

We continuously manage, monitor and measure all the elements in your reimbursement program — anticipating and resolving problems as they appear on the horizon. Our team is “always on,” coordinating every detail on your behalf:

Typical Reimbursement Management Tasks

• Examine payment levels to confirm that they’re sufficient for your pricing scheme
• Analyze claim denials to determine the need for more/better sales training or reference tools
• Track payer policies to spot opportunities for expanded coverage of your product
• Regularly update clinical data for insurers, to reinforce your payment case

Complete. Committed. Integrated. Our services focus on priorities that expand patient access to your technology, strengthen your competitive position, and create a business advantage for your customers.

Ready for competent, hands-on reimbursement direction? We’re here for you…
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