Technology Comparisons

Device innovation is a beautiful thing – but only if it pays. Strengthen your business case by comparing your technology’s reimbursement potential with relevant alternatives.

Technology Comparisons Reimbursement

Know Your Reimbursement Niche

If you’re like most professionals in the medical technology sector, you’re familiar with competitors in your product category. You know the major players. And you understand the strengths and weaknesses of similar technologies. That’s important. But it’s not the whole story.

What’s missing? Deeper intelligence. Hidden opportunities. It’s about looking beyond obvious competitors, and identifying the most reimbursement-worthy therapies for your innovation.

It starts with seeing your technology’s value through the eyes of reimbursement decision makers. That’s where JR Associates’ clinical and reimbursement expertise works to your advantage.

The Process

As a stand alone project — or in parallel with a 360° reimbursement assessment — we’ll compare the medical technologies used in therapies you’re targeting. Looking across standards for coverage, coding and payment, we’ll identify scenarios with the strongest upside potential for your device:

     Primary Questions for Medical Technology Comparisons

• How is your technology applied in clinical settings?
• What are the benefits to patients and providers?
• What attributes distinguish your technology from alternatives?
• How significant is the level of innovation?
• How does that compare to alternative technologies?
• What is the expected level of reimbursement?
• What other treatments could benefit from your technology’s unique attributes?

The Result

As our reimbursement specialists open the door to a broader set of therapeutic options, you’ll get a fresh take on the impact your product can have in today’s evolving healthcare environment. And isn’t real-world impact what matters most?

How does your medical technology compare? Find out now…
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