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Judy is JR Associates’ chief visionary, reimbursement strategist, operations executive and spokesperson. For more than 20 years she has led the organization’s growth and evolution from a boutique ultrasound coding practice to a global medical reimbursement and health policy consulting firm.

Under Judy’s direction, JR Associates consultants develop practical solutions to the most complex coding, coverage and payment challenges facing today’s life science pioneers. Clients span the medical technology value chain ─ from renowned research institutions and venture capital firms, to leading-edge manufacturers and healthcare providers.

Judy is a highly perceptive, pragmatic interpreter of payer policies and regulations, who understands how to link the clinical benefits of medical technology with today’s reimbursement environment. Leveraging her extensive experience as an entrepreneur, clinical operations manager and allied health practitioner, she spearheads all engagements.

Primarily, she defines strategic reimbursement frameworks, analyzes relevant regulations, and orchestrates implementation in alignment with client business objectives. She also continuously monitors the regulatory and industry landscape to identify relevant shifts in guidelines, clinical trends and competitive positioning.

Prior to starting JR Associates, Judy co-founded a multi-million-dollar diagnostic imaging and cardiovascular services company. While managing the organization’s regional delivery network of mobile, outpatient, and hospital imaging units, she developed enduring relationships with national and local stakeholders, including physicians, hospitals, professional associations, CMS and third-party payers.

Because Judy has such diverse reimbursement expertise and deep knowledge of industry best practices, she is often asked to participate as a featured speaker at industry forums in the U.S. and abroad. She also serves in leadership roles with numerous academic and professional organizations. For example:

American Heart Association Los Angeles
American Society of Echocardiography
Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Center for Innovation
Medical Device Manufacturers Association Reimbursement Task Force
Office of Women’s Health Los Angeles
USC Regulatory Science Program Advisory Board
Women in Health Administration

Judy is a long-time advocate of critical healthcare industry and policy issues — especially quality initiatives centered on patient care and reimbursement. She has written numerous articles and publications on reimbursement topics. For example, she co-authored a chapter on how to gain reimbursement in the U.S. for the book, Global Trends in Reimbursement of Medical Technology. She also delivers educational programs to industry and provider groups upon request.

Judy holds an executive management certificate from UCLA, and is a registered adult and pediatric cardiac sonographer.


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