Are you facing complex medical reimbursement issues? For better outcomes, put experts on your side. We have the experience and insight to advance your technology in today’s challenging market.

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Medical innovation is tricky business. Often, many complex issues stand between promising technologies and commercial acceptance. But when you’re looking for definitive solutions to these difficult obstacles, look to JR Associates.

For more than two decades, we’ve been at the forefront of reimbursement – helping device manufacturers, drug developers, clinicians, and others in the healthcare realm navigate the dynamics of a rapidly changing market. Along the way, we’ve earned a reputation for common sense, straight talk, creative ideas and a bottom-line focus. It’s a reputation we work hard to uphold.

With proven perspective and hands-on guidance, we position medical technology products in the most viable light to help capture payment. Our competencies span a broad spectrum of specialties:

Areas of Reimbursement Expertise
• Breast Disease • Neurostimulation
• Cardiology • Ophthalmology
• Diagnostic Imaging • Orthopedics
• Gastroenterology • Peripheral Vascular Interventions
• Genetic Testing • Physical Medicine
• Gynecology • Pulmonary/Respiratory
• Interventional & Surgical Therapies • Radiology
• Monitoring Technologies • Urology
• Neurology • Wound Care Therapies

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