Clinical Practice Alignment

Want a sure way to increase return on investment? Strengthen the ties between technology and treatment. We’ll show you how practice guidelines from key medical associations influence coverage of your drug or device.

Clinical Practice Alignment - Reimbursement

Demonstrate Clinical Benefits of Medical Products

Ultimately, reimbursement rides on one question:
Do insurers agree that your medical technology is worthy of coverage?

You’re more likely to obtain coverage if you link clinical best practices with coding and payment — and linkage comes from data that aligns standards of care with reimbursement guidelines.

This is where JR Associates shines.

We’re skilled at choosing and correlating key parameters that illustrate the fit between current practices and reimbursement requirements. What’s more, when there’s no fit, we can identify what’s missing.

Consultants with Clinical Depth

We have years of hands-on clinical management experience. So to us, reimbursement is far more than conceptual knowledge. It’s an integral extension of healthcare delivery. It’s about bringing together coding, coverage and clinical practices in real-world settings to win support from payers.

Policies Meet Practices

Drawing on our know-how as healthcare practitioners, we’ll uncover your strongest coverage options through a systematic process:

Alignment Process Task List

• Identify appropriate standards of care across medical specialties and localities
• Determine which protocol or practice fits most closely with your technology’s application
• Pinpoint procedures that are relevant and medically necessary
• Link these procedures with the optimal site of service

• Hospital — inpatient/outpatient
• Ambulatory surgical center
• Physician’s office

Discover the best way to link device policies and practices…
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