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Reimbursement Case Brief

The pace of medical device innovation is staggering. That means related reimbursement factors are also in constant flux. So it’s no surprise that device companies struggle to communicate the latest reimbursement facts with sales teams and hospitals who use their products. This is exactly the problem one global medical equipment manufacturer faced several years ago with implantable devices for cardiovascular treatment.

Our Role
Our consultants developed and implemented a complete reimbursement support program. This includes telephone and email support for sales representatives and external customers who have questions about coding and coverage. We also wrote, maintain and update detailed reimbursement guides for all products in the implant line.

Our contact center staff continuously monitors the coverage and regulatory environment to be sure the most up-to-date information is available. They also act as a seamless extension of the client’s product team, providing a single source of intelligence – while simultaneously gathering feedback about market and product issues.

By outsourcing contact center responsibilities, our client can focus on what its organization does best – designing and developing life-saving medical innovations. Meanwhile, we provide confidence that correct, consistent reimbursement advice is always available, through a central point-of-contact. This reduces potential liability risks, and improves overall efficiency.

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