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Precision counts - especially when reimbursement is on the line. Clearly define the reimbursement formula for your device, and clinical use will follow.

No Code is an Island

Coverage. Codes. Payment. These are the building blocks of medical device reimbursement. Each element plays an essential role in the equation - but all three must work together in an integrated series of steps:

Put Each Piece in its Proper Place

Ideally, a reimbursement outcome equals more than the sum of its parts. But device manufacturers don't control coverage, coding or payment. Instead, government agencies, insurance companies, professional associations and other healthcare stakeholders shape and define these elements.

So, how can your device obtain the best coverage-coding-payment combination? The answer begins with insight into this detailed and systematic process. And insight begins with JR Associates.

JR Associates - Insight to Achieve Reimbursement

Coverage, coding and payment are the very heart of our business:

  • We understand the criteria that makes reimbursement work
  • We know how to navigate this complex, time-consuming domain
  • We provide hands-on guidance at every stage
  • Our extensive experience in healthcare delivery and management helps us translate strategies into real-world scenarios, and
  • Our successes include both new and existing medical devices

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