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clinical trial REIMBURSEMENT

How can you implement successful reimbursement programs for medical device clinical trials? Seamlessly coordinate all the elements with our expert planning and support.

Facilitate Coverage and Payment for Eligible Technologies
More than a decade ago, Medicare and private payers opened the door to clinical trial reimbursement. However, the process can be complex, and compliance with both FDA and payer regulations is essential. Device companies can't afford to leave outcomes to chance.

With JR Associates as your implementation partner, you can efficiently and effectively help clinical trial sites integrate reimbursement objectives into their clinical trial practice. Our consultants bring years of hands-on reimbursement expertise to clinical trial reimbursement programs. We'll work closely with you to provide appropriate tools and insights every step of the way.

What to Expect
We'll tailor a reimbursement framework and budget to your requirements. And then we'll breathe life into the plan, working with you and your clinical sites throughout the trial process to facilitate the reimbursement. For example:

  • Create documents to ensure compliance with payer regulations;
  • Examine clinical protocol and forms, assuring that essential data is captured to support coverage, code applications, and payment;
  • Assist in developing a clinical trial budget.
Education & Support
  • Develop and deliver training programs for internal audiences and clinical sites;
  • Deliver coding and billing guides for clinical reference;
  • Establish a reimbursement contact center for fast, accurate resolution of questions and issues.
Post Clinical Trial Implementation
  • Continuing reimbursement counsel and support after your product receives FDA approval.

No matter what reimbursement components are best for your clinical trial, you can look to us for seamless support and materials that make a measurable difference - for your company, for your sites, and for the patients who depend upon your medical technology.

How can reimbursement management play a role in your next clinical trial?
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