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reimbursement roadmaps

Medical device reimbursement is both a journey and a destination. The quality of the outcome depends on the quality of your process. That's why device companies look to our roadmaps for solid guidance, each step of the way.

Keep Everyone on the Same Page

A detailed, deliberate roadmap is the single most powerful item in the device reimbursement toolbox. Why? A well designed game plan empowers you to:

  • Set appropriate expectations among internal and external stakeholders - executives, investors and business partners.
  • Allocate the right resources to the right tasks, at the right time - so you progress in a logical order, at a sustainable pace.
  • Pursue a preferred route to reimbursement - while leaving room for alternative pathways, if your scenario changes.

Get a Clear, Complete Roadmap from JR Associates

Our approach focuses on what matters most to your business:

  • Providing perspectives on payer evaluation of relevant medical technologies, and
  • Explaining how reimbursement efforts impact your product's viability and your company's valuation

Within a single, integrated snapshot, we'll define key elements in your device reimbursement mix:

  • Clinical Utility & Standards of Care
  • Clinical Evidence & Trial Endpoints
  • Provider Targeting
  • Commercialization Strategies
  • Value Propositions
  • Marketing Support
  • Regulatory Support
  • Investor Interest
  • Strategic Alliances

What's more, because we're experienced at implementing reimbursement roadmaps, you'll receive advice that's practical and actionable.

Adjustments Come with the Territory

Keep in mind that the ideal roadmap is a "living document" - a work in process. Static plans aren't realistic. Instead, they must adapt to ever-changing business realities and external factors.

Therefore, when we design your path to device reimbursement, consider it a solid starting point. We'll help you recalibrate routinely, as new factors enter the picture.

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