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It's a fact. No matter how innovative your medical device is, reimbursement can "make or break" it in the marketplace. Why not turn the odds in your favor with a launch strategy that's based on reimbursement?

Open New Doors to Product Commercialization

What's the surest way to drive market acceptance for device technology?

It's not just a code. It's not just regulatory approval. It's not even payer coverage. Rather, it's a cohesive product launch strategy that focuses on reimbursement - and is driven by reimbursement experts.

Two Words - Implementation and Communication

Successful launches require constant coordination of numerous internal and external tasks. Often device manufacturers don't have the staff, time or expertise to drive this process internally.

That's when it makes sense to call JR Associates. Our skilled consulting team scales and adapts to your business needs, while managing every detail:

     Typical Launch Requirements

Set Your Plan in Motion

Even the strongest strategy can fail without strong execution. But with hands-on guidance from our experienced consultants, you know that every element in your launch plan will be completed efficiently and effectively.

It's Never Too Soon to Start

Even if your product life cycle is in its earliest stages, why not give us a call? We might find a faster route to reimbursement than you thought possible.

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