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When your sales team or customers need a reimbursement reality check, who can they trust? Help them avoid unnecessary pitfalls and roadblocks, with quick answers from our rapid-response experts.

The Reimbursement Devil is in the Details

New medical technology often raises coding, coverage and payment questions among sales reps and customers. Even when training and documentation are in place, there's sometimes no substitute for direct assistance.

That's when our Contact Center services make all the difference. With our experienced reimbursement advisors working on your behalf, you can offer convenient phone and email support that's highly efficient, cost-effective, and compliant with prevailing guidelines.

Add Value Through Customized Support

First, we'll assess the contact-related requirements for your device product. Then, we'll create a personalized program that ensures prompt, accurate responses to relevant reimbursement questions.

An Answer is Never Far Away

Our staff is always standing by - ready to research and resolve inquiries within pre-established response time frames. Think of us as a one-stop clearinghouse for definitive answers that comply with the most recent regulations, and reflect best practices in coding, coverage and payment.

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