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Every day, companies from across the medical technology sphere – manufacturers of medical devices, biotechnology, diagnostics and pharmaceuticals -- rely on us for reimbursement advice they can trust.

From promising start-ups to established manufacturers -- and from venture capital firms to investment bankers -- we foster productive relationships with essential links across the coverage, coding and payment value chain. Regardless of your role in this diverse life sciences realm, you can expect the highest quality of service.



Reimbursement Assessment (Scenario A)
   Charting a Path to Early Success

Reimbursement Assessment (Scenario B)
   Finding a Fit For Diagnostic Tests In a Complex Environment

Coding & Coverage Analysis
   Thinking Outside the Reimbursement Box

Technology Comparison
   Opening the Door for a Novel Combination Product

Reimbursement Roadmap
   Creating the Case for an Innovative Gene Therapy

Policy Alignment
   Positioning a New Cell Therapy for Reimbursement

 Payer & CMS Relations
   Finding an Alternative Route to Reimbursement

 Coverage, Codes & Payment
   Clarifying Key Reimbursement Issues

 Contact Center
   Keeping Sales Teams in the Know

Manufacturers: Medical Devices, Biotechnology, Diagnostics and
Pharmaceutical Products
Medical Technology Investors
Fortune 500 leader in alternative
surgical technologies
Private equity firm focused on healthcare growth sectors
Fortune 100 conglomerate with
diversified products and services
Brokerage & investment banking
firm serving the institutional market

Prominent ultrasound imaging
systems manufacturer
Large venture capital firm focused
on early-stage device developers
Wound care therapy manufacturers  
Developer of antibody-based therapies Academic and Government
Groundbreaking laser technology manufacturer
New venture medical technology incubators
Developer of endoscopic devices
for gastrointestinal disease
Foreign embassy medical device development initiative
Venture that designs/develops a minimally invasive implantable cardiac device Graduate program for future medical device executives at a world-class private university.
Developer of enhanced complex
MRI data analysis systems
Healthcare innovation program at Ivy-League graduate business school
Biomarker developers  
Cardiovascular therapeutics innovators Medical Professional Associations
Implantable pulmonary device innovator Cardiology specialists
Combination drug/device pioneers Ultrasound specialists
    Neurophysiology specialists
    Medical device manufacturing trade association

(NOTE: We respect the sensitive nature of our clients' proprietary information. Therefore, we don't identify companies we serve by name. However, if you're interested in working with us and you'd like to learn more, we're happy to provide details.)

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