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To understand the value of our strategic reimbursement services, consider the outcome of some recent projects:

  • Removed a barrier to market adoption for a new medical device by collaborating on a strategy to establish a new ICD-9-CM procedure code.
  • Increased patient access to new technologies by helping medical device companies reverse non-coverage decisions by local Medicare and third-party payers.
  • Helped a prestigious medical professional association avoid loss of reasonable payment for various cardiology procedures. Retained payments that were at risk of being reduced 35%.
  • Increased net payments at a large medical center by more than $1.5 million in the first year through improved cardiology department coding and billing procedures.
  • Added value to multiple medical devices by creating product-specific reimbursement guides for distribution with newly installed equipment.
  • Helped a hospital avoid lost income of more than $5 million a year, by instructing staff in proper coding and coverage practices to ensure full payment.
  • Developed comprehensive sales support programs for multiple device products. Services combined written reimbursement guides, telephone support and email contact centers.


In addition, we continue to educate the healthcare community about reimbursement best practices through popular presentations and publications.

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